Dear Visitor of the Centre for Psychological Support

The TNMU Centre for Psychological Support is a special space developed for self-discovery, discovery of our visitors’ potentials and resources for personal development and support in difficult straits.

The Centre follows the Code of Psychologist’s Ethics; its main principles are recognition of individuality, beliefs and values ​​of each person, individual approach, respect and confidentiality.

The experts of the Centre believe that every person who visits us has their own unique ability for personal growth and changes!

YOU ARE WELCOME TO get involved with THE GROUP!

In February, the Centre for Psychological Support of TNMU initiates meetings of psychological support group for students. The group course covers interpersonal interaction and elements of psychoeducation.

Students interested in self-discovery and self-development are invited to join in. The group is also helpful to youth who feel the need for stabilize their self-perception, manage stress and challenges more effectively, feel more confident in communicating and dealing with others.

✔ Time and place

The meetings begin in February, and take place on Mondays at 18 pm (one and a half hour) in the Centre for Psychological Support, 3 Anatoliy Zhyvov Street.

✔ Signing up

Everyone is welcome to have a prior one-on-one conversation with a psychologist, who is a group supervisor. To make an appointment call at +38 097 5006924 or by email

The psychological support group is a partly-open group. This means that everyone can sign up during the group course, after prior psychological counselling.

Free of charge

👉 Ready to sign up the group, experience all the benefits. For more information, email us