The field of concern:

  • counselling assistance – psychological support in cases of crisis and stress, prevention of maladaptation;
  • correction and prevention – psychological and informative counselling to reduce deviances in mental and personal development and behaviour, propensity to addictions and offenses, overcoming various forms of deviant behaviour;
  • public awareness campaign – improvement of psychological culture of all participants of learning process, humanization of relationships in students and academic groups;
  • psychodiagnostics – social and psychological inventory of students, teachers and staff, groups and assemblies, monitoring of social processes in the university and mental development of some students, studying the reasons that complicate personal development, learning ability and relationships in the team (on request).

The Centre offers:

Psychological support: one-on-one and group counselling, online counselling

Psychological education: thematic meetings, workshops, trainings

Psychological diagnostics (on request)

Personal development groups and psychological support groups