The Head of the Centre for Psychological Support, PhD. in psychology

Psychologist, creative arts therapist, expert in psychosomatics

Member of the Western Ukrainian Association of Creative Art Psychologists and Therapists

The field of concern involves overcoming difficulties in interpersonal relationships and communication, creativity and development, psychosomatics, stress and emotional burnout management.

Forms of work: one-on-one and group counselling, creative art therapy, trainings.


Telephone: +38 067 7899410.

Bohutska Liudmyla Viktorivna

Specialist of the Centre for Psychological Support, Master of Family Science

Family psychologist

Member of Ukrainian Association of Psychotherapists, Association of Gestalt Psychologists, Ternopil Regional Non-governmental Organization Centre for Parenthood and Maternity Happiness, Association of Family and Child Development Experts

Co-founder of NGOs, the Women's Counselling Centre, projects for family abuse prevention as well as childcare and development

The field of concern involves difficulties in relationships with the family, friends, colleagues or beloved ones, in communication as well as interpersonal conflicts, getting out of destructive relationships, support in cases of loss and divorce, fears and depression, life crises and identity crisis.

Forms of work: one-on-one and couple counselling, parent-child relationships, group counselling and trainings, systemic family therapy, transactional analysis, creative art therapy.


Telephone: +38 097 5006924